Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you do with my car’s used oil?

A: PitCrew cares about the planet we call home. All used oil is delivered to disposal companies that recycle the oil. Oil is never dumped down drains or into waterways.

Q: What is the Pit Pass 3-Pack and the Crew Chief 5-Pack? and how much money can I save?

A: Both of these packages allow you to save money by pre-purchasing a set of oil changes. Purchase the Pit Pass 3-Pack and your following oil change will be 50% off. The Crew Chief 5-Pack gets you a FREE oil change! It's that easy.

Q: Are there any other discounts?

A: We would love to give additional discounts for any customer who gets their oil changed the same day as a co-worker. Less travel saves us time and money, and we’d be happy to pass that savings along to you!

Any more questions? Give us a call at 1-844-974-8273

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By calling Pit Crew, you are getting so much more than an oil change , you are getting peace of mind. The peace of mind that you have your own team of mechanics who will come to you, where you live or work. The peace of mind in knowing that all of our services and features are offered to you at prices that beat our competition. Peace of mind knowing that Pit Crew's used oil is always recycled and our system is designed for a minimal impact on the planet we call home.

Call Pit Crew today, and you'll be a customer for life.